Mobile Video Surveillance System

TIENUO's Surveillance Solution Enhances Uzbekistan's Electric Locomotives

Project Introduction

The Uzbekistan high-power electric locomotives are designed for the complex mountainous
terrain of Uzbekistan and are capable of meeting the urgent local demand for passenger and
freight transport. A total of four 12- and 8-axle electric locomotives are part of the third batch of
locomotives on order to be delivered to Uzbekistan by China Railway Dalian in December 2020.
The locomotives will operate on Uzbekistan's 1520mm gauge network and are designed to
handle extreme weather variations, including highs of 50 degrees Celsius and lows of -40 degrees
Celsius. The network also has steep gradients and sharp turns, and China Railway Dalian says it
has optimized the wheel-to-track interface to improve stability and safety through the curves.
The locomotive is equipped with the KLUB-U signal in cab and driver video Surveillance system, a
locomotive video monitoring system provided by Shandong Tienuo Intelligent Co., Ltd for the
Uzbekistan project,which brings the standardized operation of locomotive crews to a new level. It
guarantees the safety factor of regular locomotive operation. It reduces losses, and at the same
time, effectively assists the management staff in supervising the standardized process, avoiding
risks and other management work to prevent economic losses

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System Overview

In 2009, the first generation of locomotive video Surveillance systems developed by our company
was installed. To continuously adapt to the demand for railway monitoring and safety system
growing in the direction of intelligence, digitalization, and networking, our company has
developed and produced the second and third generation of locomotive video surveillance
systems one after another.

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System Strength

1,Single camera up to 7 channels 720P HD network camera, dual camera support up to 14
channels 720P HD.
2,The integrated structure of the server and display is designed with a touch screen display and
uses dynamic code rate coding technology to adapt to dynamic changes in 3G/4G network
bandwidth, ensuring smooth video network transmission.
3,With terabyte capacity hard disk, dual cascade video data as mutual backup, to ensure data
4,High strength metal material, the whole machine adopts mechanical vibration damping,
electronic vibration prevention, and software vibration prevention, the equipment is stable, low
failure rate and robust scalability.


The Locomotive video surveillance system has been a necessary basic facility for today's rail
transport.Tienuo's remote video surveillance system solutions for locomotives pass strict quality control in all aspects of NVR, unique cameras for on-board surveillance, alarm buttons, pickups, on-board
displays, etc. In addition to the excellent quality of the product, the technical team of Tienuo,
with its solid professional strength and rich experience in rail applications, has enabled the
smooth operation of the project and allowed the railway operators to enjoy the practicality and
convenience brought by the new system as soon as possible.

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