Mobile Video Surveillance System

Overview of EMU Video Surveillance System

2023-11-09 09:43

Abstract: The paper briefly introduces the principle and application status of the video monitoring system for the EMU coaches by introducing the video monitoring server, coach camera, pantograph monitoring camera, monitoring screen, and other significant equipment configuration and parameters, describing The current status of the video CCTV system of EMU coaches, combined with the current development status of the EMU and the application prospect.

The rolling stock video CCTV system consists of a video surveillance system of coaches and a pantograph CCTV system.

The pantograph video monitoring system is used for real-time monitoring of the pantograph and contact network and considers the operational status of high-voltage equipment near the pantograph. Automatically identify the abnormal state of pantographs in real-time through intelligent analysis, and provide supplementary monitoring video and video for auxiliary monitoring video and analysis images for the accompanying mechanics to deal with abnormal bow lowering and other bow network faults. Each rolling stock model adopts single vehicle storage, centralized monitoring, and an intelligent analysis solution.

The video monitoring system of the EMU coaches realizes the surveillance of the public area in the coach. Real-time storage of captured video information.With external authorized terminal equipment for single carriage preview, query, playback, and download functions. Each model has No network, no centralized monitoring between coaches, using a single car storage scheme.

1, System components and functions

1.1 Pantograph video monitoring system for EMUs

The pantograph video monitoring system of rolling stock consists of a monitoring screen, pantograph video monitoring server, intelligent analysis host, pantograph camera, network bus node equipment (repeater), and connection cable.

The block diagram of the overall connections is as follows:

video surveillance

The monitoring screen integrates the train-level pantograph video monitoring server and human-machine interface, with digital video decoding and playback functions, and displays the video monitoring screen of each pantograph and high-voltage parts in a single-picture polling mode, with polling playback every 30 s (configurable).

The pantograph video surveillance server stores video images and the photos are marked with mileage, interval information, date, time, train number, carriage number, and speed. The server adopts a 2.5-inch SATA interface hard disk, and the disassembly and installation of the hard disk box should be convenient and have anti-theft measures. The system does not Plug and unplug the hard disk when the power is off, and the hard disk should not be damaged. The storage capacity meets the requirement of storing at least 7×2 4 h/d.

The intelligent analysis host conducts a real-time intelligent analysis of the pantograph monitoring screen and stores the analysis data simultaneously. It stores the analysis data and transmits the analyzed alarm information to the monitoring screen for display.

Pantograph camera with an integrated camera, gimbal, fill light and heated glass, etc. Gimbal control and electric zoom function serve light and vital light suppression function. Meet the 24-hour observation needs; a day and night environment can usually work. The fill light turns on and off automatically according to the signal from the lifting bow. The fill light turns off automatically after 10 min of bow drop. The pantograph signal can be obtained through the pantograph video monitoring server I/O interface or forwarded to the PIS system through the train network control system.

At the same time, the monitor screen sets the camera and fill light on and off button, which can be manually operated; when the camera is closed, the corresponding screen of the monitor screen display "camera off Close."Heating glass by sensing temperature changes to control the heating on and off; with the function of defogging and melting snow, the clarity of the monitored equipment meets the requirement of centimeter-level.

Network bus node equipment and some cables can be used with other systems like VES of rolling stock system. The pantograph video monitoring system is connected through the network bus node equipment. In network communication, the network bus node equipment is included in the carriage controller of other methods, such as the VES controller in other systems such as VES. It can also be individually networked via Ethernet or coaxial cable without pantographs. The video monitoring server needs to be connected to the carriage of the monitoring screen. Its network bus nodes The device is a repeater and can be integrated into the carriage controller of other systems such as VES.

1.2 Video surveillance system for EMU coaches

The hardware of the EMU coach CCTV system consists of a network camera, coach video monitoring server, monitoring screen, and connection cable.

The topology mechanism diagram is shown below.

CCTV system

One panoramic network camera is installed through the door of each car, and two hemispheric network cameras are installed inside the passenger compartment, which is located at the end of the passenger room or 1/3 of the distance from the back. Dining car).

The network camera collects and transmits the data to the coach video monitoring server for recording and storage via Ethernet cable. It can be connected to an external authorized terminal through the coach video surveillance server interface.

The cameras use network cameras to monitor the public area in the coach. The camera imaging is in non-mirror mode.

Coach video monitoring server storage video images, storage time of not less than 30×24 h /d.Images are overlaid with date and time and cyclically overlaid according to the principle of first-in-first-out chronological order. The Coach Video Surveillance Server provides the network camera power supply.

The connection cable includes an Ethernet cable and power cable; the Ethernet cable adopts a twisted screen. The Ethernet cable and the power cable meet the relevant standard requirements.

The coach video monitoring system, has a self-test function. The status of all cameras and drives 

can be displayed via panel indicators and authorized terminals.

The coach video monitoring system, has a log function, which records authorized terminal preview, query, playback, download, calibration operation, and hard disk replacement information stored in the carriage video monitoring server.

2, the System application prospect

At present, the video information of the bow network monitoring can be viewed in real-time through the monitoring screen set in the mechanic's room—control screen in the mechanic's room for real-time viewing. However, because the carriage video monitoring system takes a single car storage way, it can not be a real-time query. Therefore, the vehicle bus method connects the entire column of video surveillance servers via Ethernet cables, which Can meet the carriage The demand for real-time viewing of video surveillance footage.

Each rolling stock system has a separate Ethernet bus for the vehicle, and the number of systems The more systems there are, the more vehicle buses are required. Due to the limited installation space at the train end of the EMU, it isn't easy to set up the newly added car end connector. Therefore, many systems are integrated into the bus range by setting up a train-level vehicle bus. Centralized monitoring and control of the vehicle's video surveillance system through the monitoring screen set up in the mechanic's room can effectively utilize the train's bus resources and reduce the number of car-end connectors while also enabling the monitoring of the car's video surveillance system.

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