Mobile Video Surveillance System

10.4' Train Network Control Display

The display is designed and developed based on Freescale i.MX6Q quad-core industrial-grade processor, equipped with 10.4″ TFT LCD and capacitive touch screen as an integrated human-machine interactive operation terminal. The terminal interacts with the target device through the serial interface or Ethernet interface and displays. It sets the status of the target device according to the actual business requirements with the corresponding application software.
Quad-core industrial-grade processor, touchable LCD screen

  • 3-7days
  • 30 pcs/day
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LCD screen

Size: 10.4″ TFT LCD screen

Resolution: 1024×768 and above

Screen backlight: can be adjusted and switched by software


Touch screen: capacitive touch screen

LCD working temperature: -30℃~+70℃

Structure: metal structure

Installation: Embedded

CPU ARM platform (Freescale i.MX6Q industrial-grade main frequency 800MHZ, four cores)

Memory: 2G

Storage: EMMC 32G

Operating system: Linux

Ethernet: 2 way 100 megabit

USB2.0 interface: 2 way

RS232 interface: 2 way

RS485 interface: 2 way

Audio: 4W 5Ω

Front panel membrane keys with yellow light backlight, the backlight can be automatically turned on or off according to the ambient light and dark

Operation indicator (bright green) 

Power supply: DC 110V, isolated power supply, isolated voltage 1500VDC; fully consider power filtering, electromagnetic interference, and other issues; over-current protection, overvoltage protection, short-circuit protection, and other functions, with anti-reverse connection protection function.

Power: less than 20W 

Screen fixed accessories: should be provided according to the requirements for fixed accessories

Weight: the whole machine weight limit of 3.5Kg

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