Mobile Video Surveillance System

12.1" Centralised Display

The centralized display has a 12.1″ TFT LCD and a capacitive touch screen as an integrated human-machine interactive operating terminal. The terminal interacts with the target device using a serial interface or an Ethernet interface. The status of the target device is displayed and set according to the actual business requirements with the appropriate application software.

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12.1" power centralized vehicle industrial integrated operating terminal Adopts high-performance CPU, large capacity memory and flash memory, good performance, and smooth operation.

Capacitive touch screen operation. Hardness > 3H, single point over 1 million times, overall life > 30,000 hours.

It is made of aluminum alloy.

Low power consumption / high integration / good stability

Dual power supply redundancy modules are used to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

All components used are of industrial grade and above.

Working temperature -25ºC~70ºC meets the general temperature requirements, can adapt to a variety of harsh operating environments, stable and reliable performance, low temperature, high temperature, battery compatibility, aging, thermal shock, and other performance in line with relevant regulations.


Size: 12.1″ TFT LCD display

Resolution: 1024×768

Screen backlight: adjustable and switchable by software

Backlight: lifetime 30000 hours, brightness:≥300 lumens

Touch screen: capacitive touch screen, hardness > 3H, single tap 1 million times

Structure: metal structure, material aluminum

Colour: sandblasted black oxide on the front shell, black oxide on other external surfaces

Installation: Embedded

Processor: ARM architecture, central frequency 1GHz

Memory: 2G


Operating system: Linux system

Communication interface: 1 way Ethernet interface, two way RS232 interface, one way USB interface

Power supply: DC110V (fluctuating range DC77V to DC137V) with dual power supply redundancy module, isolated power supply, isolated voltage 1850VDC.Full consideration of power supply filtering, electromagnetic interference, etc.; over-current protection, over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, etc., with anti-reverse connection protection.

Power: less than 20W 

Weight: no more than 4Kg


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