Mobile Video Surveillance System

6.5" Locomotive Display

Display the monitoring contents of the 6A system
Display and broadcast the alarm information of the 6A system
With human-computer interaction interface
Data can be downloaded via USB
Realize the voice prompts of various equipment, the centralized management, and the standardized sounding of alarms in the driver's cab.
Communication links with various devices requiring voice prompt and alarms according to standard and regulated communication protocols and data formats. Timely response and scheduling of voice prompt and alarm requests from multiple devices.
Automatically generate various voice prompts and alarm voices according to voice codes and automatically create multiple prompt and alarm voices according to special coding requirements.
Arrange the priority level according to the importance of each equipment and voice content on the locomotive to the driver's operation, and issue the corresponding prompt and alarm voice in order as required.
Video recording, storage, analysis, and fire linkage display.

  • 3-7days
  • 30 pcs/day
  • Information
  • Download


Liquid crystal screen: 6.5" VGA resolution 640*480

Backlight adjustment: manual backlight brightness adjustment

System resources: CPU primary frequency 1.6GHz, 4G hard disk, 2G memory

Operating system: Windows XP

Operation mode: Tactile switch keys, touch screen

External interfaces: USB interface for program updates and fault dumps.Ethernet interface for communication.

Compatible voice box interface.

About Us:

We are a leading supplier of onboard IP CCTV system solution for rolling stock worldwide.based in Jinan Shandong, China; with more than 21+ years of experience.we have passed IRIS, ISO9001:2015, ISO45001:2018, ISO14001:2015, CRCC, etc., certificates along with more than 50+patents.

Our solutions for railway transit security as follows:

CCTV system solutions for Rolling Stock(passenger train,EMU,electric locomotive,diesel locomotive etc)

Fire surveillance system for diesel locomotive

Intelligent Fire Fighting Video Linkage System for Rolling Stock

CMD System Onboard Subsystem

Coach Video Surveillance Device

Driver Status Alert System

Driver Health Management System

Monitor Display

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Video Display

Equipment List

Audio Display

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