Mobile Video Surveillance System

Onboard Video Surveillance Server for Locomotives

The product integrates multi-channel HD surveillance and recording, fire alarm, 4G/5G module, multi-control serial port, nap module (extension), fire suppression control (extension), and intelligent video analysis (extension) into one smart device.

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Introduction of locomotive CCTV Server

The video safety surveillance system applies video information technology to the work of operational vehicles and can provide the means for safety supervision, active assistance, and accident disposal. It provides objective evidence and data for functional and accident analysis. It helps to improve the safety and management of operational vehicles—a video safety surveillance system for the operation of working vehicles built based on video information technology. It can be used in various tasks such as driver control of work vehicles, contact network operation assistance and supervision, equipment condition monitoring, additional passenger inspection, emergency and accident analysis.


(1) Appearance size compatible with the existing VL3 video all-in-one, NVR + 10.1" capacitive touch screen integrated design, resolution support 1280X800, built-in speaker 4Ω3W, with MIC input interface, keep external MIC.

(2) All-in-one machine with 16-way 100 megabit IPC network port, 1-gigabit network port, cascade between two all-in-one machines through a gigabit network to achieve mutual backup of data and images fire prevention, and other information for joint preview display.

(3) Hard disk box with built-in anti-vibration device, external anti-theft hard disk lock, SATA interface, supporting TB-class large-capacity hard disk.

(4) Integrated all-in-one 4G/5G network module, with data remote transmission function, external Wi-Fi, GPS/BD module.

(5)With 2-way RS485 interface with isolation, support for connecting to locomotive TAX box to obtain LKJ locomotive information function.

(6) With the function of connecting fire prevention module to realize the access of analog detectors; with the operation of fire alarm reset, which can be reset manually.

(7) All-in-one machine supports USB3.0, with U disk external and dump function.

(8) external power input interface, video input interface, external display interface, GPS antenna interface, RS232/RS485 interface, 8-way switching signal input interface.

(9) power supply using industrial-grade isolated power supply module, power supply anti-reverse connection, anti-over-voltage; voltage range of DC48V ~ 135V (for DC110V vehicles); voltage range of DC15V ~ 36V (for DC24V vehicles), instant power failure without damage to the video.

(10) Support 1920X1080 camera access; driver's room camera supports external pickup.

(11) With the self-test function, it can monitor the front-end camera, detection equipment, hard disk, and other equipment status and line problems in real-time and carry out voice prompts and screen character superimposed display function.

(12) reserved 8-way I/O interface, 3-way 232 interfaces, 2-way 485 interfaces, which can extend the locomotive fire extinguishing device, secured CAN bus module, and 6A system communication, to achieve seamless connection with 6A system.

(13) Equipped with DC24V independent controllable power supply output interface.

(14) With DC12V independent power supply output interface.

(15) Independent design of each module, easy to maintain, all-metal box type integrated structure design.

(16) Super anti-electromagnetic interference capability. The module can be used in a contact vehicle.

(17) Used in contact network cars, according to the requirements of the General Administration of Railways,  storage needs to be stored by the format of N9M, video download, and U disk download by the General Administration of Railway's design for naming. View the video on PC also by the format called by the Railway General.

(18) All-in-one machine support remote upgrade, support video masking, motion detection, and many other alarm functions.

(19) All interfaces are professionally anti-vibration and anti-loosening.

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