Mobile Video Surveillance System

Train Coach video surveillance system display

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Introduction of Train Coach video surveillance system display

A Train Coach video surveillance system display is a monitoring system installed inside train coaches to provide real-time video surveillance. The system typically includes multiple cameras strategically placed throughout the coach, connected to a central control unit, which displays live footage on screens located within the coach.

The purpose of the system is to enhance the safety and security of passengers and crew by deterring crime and providing a means of identification and evidence in the event of an incident. The display screens are easily visible to passengers and can act as a deterrent to potential criminal activity.

Train Coach video surveillance systems are becoming increasingly common on public transportation systems around the world and are considered an essential tool for maintaining a safe and secure travel environment.


Technical items

Technical specifications

Product series

Onboard video surveillance screens




Operating system

Embedded Linux

Control mode



NXP imx6Q with a single core main frequency of not less than 1 GHz.


Memory 2G, Storage (Emmc) 32G



7" display

Show split

1/8/screen display

Screen display

GPS information, alarms, device information, software version, recording status

Image resolution




1 x DB9 port

Power supply



Power consumption


Physical properties

Dimensions (WxHxH)

200*130*39mm (without cable connector)


Operating temperature

-40℃- +85

Operating humidity


• Monitor screen by connecting with the video screen server, displaying 8-way compartment video, supporting 8- screen and double-click single-screen display.
• Adopting a 7-inch display and capacitive touch screen with a metal shell. • Adopting Imax 6Q core chip with embedded Linux operating system.
• The small size of the whole machine, and good heat dissipation, can be used with various server.
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