Mobile Video Surveillance System

Diesel locomotive remote video monitoring system sub-screen

* Using a 10.1 inch LCD display with capacitive touch screen, which has the same configuration as the video surveillance server, the auxiliary screen can display the video screen of the server synchronously. It has the function of standalone operation and can display content through an application program.
* The thickness of the auxiliary screen is relatively thin, its size is small, and the cost is low.

  • 3-7DAYS
  • 50-100PCS PER WEEK
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Introduction of  locomotive remote video monitoring system display sub-screen

A locomotive remote video monitoring system display sub-screen is a smaller screen within the main display of a locomotive's video surveillance system. It provides a real-time view of a specific area of interest, such as the train's engine or a section of the track behind the locomotive.

This sub-screen is typically used by the train operator or other personnel to keep a close eye on critical areas of the train or track during operation. It can help to identify potential problems or hazards, allowing for quick response and corrective action.

The use of sub-screens within locomotive video monitoring systems is an important safety feature, as it allows for a more detailed and comprehensive view of the train and track, improving situational awareness and reducing the risk of accidents or incidents.


Technical items

Technical specifications

Product Series

VL8 sub-screen


Preview, replay


Operating system

Embedded Linux

Control mode

Touchscreen, mouse


10.1" display

Total resources



Show split

1/4/9/16 screen display

Screen display

GPS information, alarms, device information, software version, recording status




Replay channel

Supports local single-channel playback, PC software single-channel, and 4-channel playback



1 x USB 3.0 port


1 x M12 connector

Power supply


DC110V (DC67-143V)/DC24V(DC9V~36V)

Power consumption


Physical properties

Dimensions (WxHxH)

291*240*52.5mm (excluding cable connector)


Operating temperature

-40℃- +70℃

Operating humidity


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